Monday, May 25, 2009

Todays Drying Rack & Memorial Day 25% Off Sale

Today's soaps are made with essential oils only. This means that the fragrance used to scent them is not man made but instead comes expressly from plant materials via distilation or expressing. They are colored with natural earth pigments. These soaps can therefore be labeled as 100% All Natural.

Rain Dance All Natural Handmade Soap

Green Magic All Natural Handmade Soap

I'm still as yet undecided on a name for this one. It has a very green scent to it. And I was initially going for a green, herbal, garden feel for the scent. Unfortuantely my green soap set up faster than I wanted and I was not able to swirl it like I wanted. So it came out as you see it. And I'm not sure the name now matches the look AND the scent. Oh well, it still smells very nice.

These two batches will be ready in about 2 weeks.

Until next time. Hope your Memorial day was great. And if you have time, stop over at our website to take advantage of our 25% of Sale that ends tonight at midnight.

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