Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice

Tomorrow marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. In short, it is a celebration of thankfulness to the god from bringing summer and the Sun. We will be getting together with friends and neighbors for a Summer Solstice Ritual and I thought that I would share a nice easy ritual I found for those that may want to do the same. It makes for a very nice special day for the family.
Here is a link to a page with a great easy to follow ritual that I started out with a long time ago and have just adapted over time for our own liking. Enjoy!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Why Handmade Soap?

As usual business is slow during the winter months. Sometimes painfully slow. Generally we can always look toward the spring and summer months to breath new life into things. However, this year the recovery has not been as quick when everyone is suffering the effects of rapidly declining economy. And face it. Our product is not one that most would consider to be a neccesity. Most who do not know the health benefits of using naturally handmade bath soap consider it to be a luxury item that gets pushed to the back of the budget in these economic times.
Let's examine some of the reasons to consider handmade soap a regular commodity to be added to your normal shopping regimine.
These days the majority of commercial bar soap and most all liquid soap found on store shelves are actually synthetic detergents. According to the FDA, it no long fits the deffinition of "true soap".
As is the way of big business, commercial soap manufacturers found a way to make and sell two products from one. When soap is made a natural occurance is the formation of Glycerin; a humectant. One molecule of glycerin is created for every three melecules of soap. So commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin, replacing it with synthetic ingredients. They then sell off the beneficial glycerine to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Thus making double the profits from one original product. It's quite brilliant.
Most handmade soap is made is smaler batches. Any where from 5 lbs to 50 lbs at a time. As opposed to thousands if not millions of pounds at a time. By making smaller batches it is much easier to control the process from mixing of oils, to molding, unmolding, cutting, etc. You can rest assured that your handmade soap was "supervised" from start to finish.
Yes, I said passion. Handmade Soapmakers are passionate about their skill. Not only do they take classes and stay abreast of the lastest in handmade soapmaking technology. But they love what they do. Yes, one can make a decent live at it. But few do it just to make a living. I've been a soapmaker for 13 years, and soapmaker that I've met is passionate about his (yes their are men in this industry) or her skill. They just plain enjoy making soap. Learning new methods such as "Funnel" soapmaking. Yep, pouring various colors of soap through a funnel into your mold so as to achieve a certain design in the outcoming cut bars of soap.
So you can buy synthetic detergent bars or bottled lyquid in the store. But your just not going to get the love and passion, and energy put into a wholesome, healthy, beautiful bar of handmade soap full of skin hydrating glycerin like you would if you purchased some great handmade soap from a skilled, passionate Soapmaker at your local Farmer's Market. Or do a web search for Soapmaker in your area. Or go to The Soap Guild and look for a Soapmaker in your state. Be patriotic. Please support local small business and buy MADE IN THE USA!
And if you live in the Greater Spokane, WA area come see us at the Community Roots Farmer's Market every Sunday from 11 am till 4 pm. Mention this blog and receive a 10% discount on your purchase!
Shop Local, Shop USA!