Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breakfast Visitors

Thought that I'd share a few photos of the visitors that stopped by today while we were fixing and eating breakfast this morning.

The first arrival appearred to be alone. We watched her/him from the kitchen window for quite some time while we were cooking.
And then another appeared around the side of the shop. And we realized that there were twins. It was a joy to watch as they ran and played and grazed but we wondered were Mom was.

Then low and behold she came from the other direction and rounded up the kids. The play time stopped and they made way for home. It was a perfect start to our day as we ate our breakfast and watched this beautiful 4 legged family eat their breakfast as well.
I feel so blessed to live where I'm at and to be able to take in the beauty of nature on a daily basis. I am usually just bursting to tell or show it to someone. So, I hope you enjoy the times and photos that I share with you.

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  1. How truly lucky you are to look out your window and see such beauty.nature is the one true beauty!


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