Saturday, July 11, 2009

ISP Woes

My Wi-Fi has been down again for over a week now. Not just the normal sporatic, slow, worse than dial-up type of performance that we have dealt with since February. But completely down. As in no service whatsoever! I've been relying on back-up dial-up. Which means that I can't upload/download much of anything, especially photos to any of my sites/blog, etc. As I type this I'm getting a blasted error message that say "Blogger could not save.....check your internet connection."

I called tech support the middle of last week and they said that they finally had all the parts, and the mountain was clear so they could get to the tower and were repairing as we spoke. that it should be back up and running by Thursday or Friday night. Yeah!!

Then I got a call yesterday from one of the field service dudes. Seems that the tower collapsed when one of the guys was up repairing it. Yes, he was injured. Not seriously. However he did suffer a few broken bones. Now service would not be restored until Friday or Saturday night. Well, here it is 10:30 Saturday night and still no service. I called tech support again for an update and at this time, they don't have one. Great!

They did however mention that customers were going to be issued a credit for the time that service was down. Well, I suppose that does help. But honestly, I'd rather just have my service back and running efficiently for once.

I suppose it's the price I pay for refusing to live in the city. We don't get cable, DSL, or cell phone signal out here. It's DISH or DirecTV for television. And for internet your choices are Dial-up at 21 bps, HughesNet, WildBlue or Wi-Fi. So, you just kind of have to deal with whatever happens. Like storms that knock out power/phone for days. Or when lightening hits the only Wi-Fi tower in a 100 mile radius.

Here's to hoping we have a faster connection tomorrow.

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