Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's Gold in Them Plants!

As I mentioned a few days ago, I've been harvesting St. John's Wort blossoms. Yesterday on a break from the greenhouse construction, I quickly picked a pint of blossoms from a bush that is growing right near where the back door to the greenhouse will be.

Later in the evening when it was cooler, that pint of blossoms turned into about a half gallon of blossoms. And I laid them out on my drying screen on some paper towels to dry. I just love the bright, sunny yellow color of the SJW flowers. Not only does the herb naturally enhance and improve your mood when taken as a dietary supplement, but how can one not smile when you look at these adorable, bright yellow flowers.

It did not take these little gems of goodness long to dry out in the 90+ degree temps that we have been having. And after drying, I was right back to where I started from with a pint of flowers! So into a jar they went. And I poured beautiful golden jojoba oil over them.
And now they sit in all golden and pretty as I watch and wait for the oil to turn from golden to a fantastic, rich, deep red. Which when used as a muscle rub is believed to help repaire soft tissue damage and help with the pain associated with such injuries.
This is always the hardest part for me. I can hardly wait for the oil to start to change color! It's like waiting to open a present! Gifts from the Goddess!!


  1. Well it's so true that "you learn something new everyday" I did not know that SJW in Jojoba oil was good for muscle pain! My oldest son plays semi-pro football and at 31 his body just can't take the hits like he did in high school. I guess I'll have to get some and try it on him! Thank you

  2. Hi Renee,
    Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments.

    It's actually not the jojoba oil, but the active ingredients in the St. John's Wort that do the trick. So, it doesn't really matter what kind of oil the herb is infused in, as long as it is a good quality, preferably organic oil. I chose jojoba oil because it is actually a wax based oil and has a better preservative capacity.


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