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Don't Tread on My Garden!!

There has been a very active conversation going on one of my herb lists. The conversation stems from a large soapmaking supply company’s blog post which implies that anyone who makes and sells herbal products for the health benefits of humankind is in effect and I quote "a drug dealer", and "in violation of FDA regulations".

So, to simplify this statement, If I make a salve that is infused with herbs that are reputed to help soothe and heal minor scrapes, scratches, and skin irritations. Though I make no claims that MY product will "heal" anything, only what the herbs themselves have been believed for centuries to do. According to the above mentioned article I'm a "Drug Dealer" and to the FDA this violates theirs regulations.

Now I find out that if we make soap that is moisturizing, or skin-softening, or has any kind of “special” qualities beyond just cleansing the skin the FDA now considers that not a soap, but a cosmetic, and thereby they have the right to regulate it.

This kind of legislation makes me crazy!
Just because a bar of soap is superfatted or still has the natural glycerin intact and therefore is more moisturizing than the average bar, does NOT make it a freaking bottle of lotion, face foundation, or a damn tube of mascara! If I eat a damned hamburger, does that make me a freaking hamburger until it is digested and comes out the other end? For cripes sake!!

And to go one step further into the land of petty ridiculous government interference…’ll love this. Now the FDA wants us to be mind readers. We can make and sell a product that has herbs in it but make no specific herbal claims. However, if the end user (customer) buys said product with the intent to use it as a natural healing product, then we the manufacturer of said product have just violated FDA regulations. WTF!?

Now for all of you that are saying, “Oh, the FDA is just trying to protect the consumer. We need to have some kind of regulatory system in place. Blah, blah, blah.” Let me refer you to the following articles:

Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bioweapon Legacy

Some of you may be old enough to remember the big gumball marketing push for Aspartame. Gumballs of every color in the rainbow were mass mailed to homes all across the U.S. Perfect! We could consume artificial coloring and sweetener all in one step! The timing just so happened to coincide with the ban on stevia. Coincidence? I think not!

Stevia & the FDA

Interesting how we are now seeing products like Truvia on the market that have been released by the big box companies like Cargill, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. For years the FDA claimed that there was no solid evidence to prove that Stevia was safe for human consumption as a food additive. And now all of a sudden the big companies with the big money have been given the approval to use it as such! Hummm???

Bush/Monsanto Push to Give FDA More Power

One question? Who is regulating the FDA?

Roundup—the American Weed-Killer—Is Likely Killing American People, Too

We can’t use stevia as food additive. We can’t put herbs in our soap. But our neighbor can spray poison on his lawn and the shrub between our houses with no regard for which way the wind blows, thus potentially causing Sally two doors down to miscarry her first child, or Joe across the street to suddenly become afflicted with prostate cancer. And worse yet possibly contaminate the ground water in the area causing birth defects in children born to families on that block for years to come!!!

Still think that the FDA, EPA and the government in general is “just trying to protect the consumer”? Well, if so then I dare say that you are very naive indeed! The FDA is nothing more than another corrupt money making entity for the government. And we are just guinea pig pawns to be used for their experimental money making ideas.

Between this and the recent fear mongering blog posts I've been seeing lately from others in this industry, pretty soon there will be no such thing as the soapmaking cottage industry, or any other small business/cottage industry. And then big brother, big box manufacturers, and big pharmacology will have won and the general public will have no say over what they can and cannot use on/in their bodies, what they can eat or drink, etc. Gods forbid that anyone should have the audacity to think for themselves, or any little cottage industry of should possibly take one dime out of big commercialisms pockets!!

I have a cousin (in-law) with a very large farm (around 100+acres) and the flipping government pays him NOT to farm it! What is wrong with this picture? He is one of many farmers in the U.S that Monsanto and the FDA do not want to compete with. So the farmer is simply paid off instead. And we wonder what has happened to American Pride. The government has paid its people not to have any!!

What’s next? Will the government be mandating what we can and cannot grow in our own gardens? Oh, I forgot. They already do!!

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  1. How sad that in the land of freedom we are losing ours. If it is good for you, we can't have it. Were you aware of this info I found on the Natural News website....Codex Alimentarius is Latin for food code. It is an effort to control food and supplements uniformly throughout most of the world disguised as a consumer protection policy. It`s policies are such to greatly inhibit or diminish your alternative health choices and force you to submit to the organized crime cartel of the Medical Mafia, the FDA, and Big Pharma.

    According to Natural News writer Barbara Minton, this program was initiated in 1962 with the target of fully implementing by December 31. 2009. Despite the courageous efforts of John Hammel and other activists concerned about our health freedoms, it appears that Codex is on track. Regardless of the warnings from health freedom activists for several years, as that storm front was in the process of forming most alternative health providers and supplement manufacturers were asleep at the helm.

    And now it appears it`s almost here, and it`s real. Good timing too! Just in time to make it difficult for victims of man made flu (mandemic) or vaccination induced disease to use non toxic, effective, but natural remedies while being forced into toxic solutions. The FDA in 1995 declared that Codex will supersede any laws in the USA that don`t permit toxins in foods.

    So all GMO foods (Monsanto is a Codex member) and all growth hormones for dairy animals will be sanctioned as safe, as well as virtually all pesticides; irradiating all non local foods will be required, and even supplement amounts will be restricted to conform with Codex codes while requiring doctor prescriptions for purchase. Supplemental nutrients will be categorized as poisons! These are just a few of the many dark clouds in this storm front.

    In a nut shell, it is imperative to understand that all the good things we have at our disposal for health will be restricted considerably and all the bad things we try to avoid for better health will be more than allowed; they will be mandated uniformly across most UN member nations! This is enforceable under the WTO (World Trade Organization), which legally uses severe trade sanctions against non complying nations as financial weapons of mass destruction.

    From Barbara Minton`s article "Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius Guidelines" as the clock ticks toward this irrevocable deadline, John Hammell and others are feverishly working to change Codex guidelines. They need your help.

    In other words, there is still some hope for at least breaking up a few of these storm front clouds - if enough people act NOW. You can get involved with John Hammell`s attempts to mollify this draconian health policy, by using these links URL`s:

    John Hammell: OR


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