Monday, August 17, 2009

Green House Days 2 & 3

It’s been a few weeks since I posted about the greenhouse. The project did not stall out, hubby just needed a few days off. And let me tell you he got allot accomplished during those few days!

On Saturday our good friend and neighbor John came over to help set the huge and very heavy windows while I was gone to my nieces baby shower. I really had no idea how different it would look once the windows were in, but it just really changed the whole appearance of the structure so dramatically.

East side door. West side door.

Windows done, the roof went on. This is where we recycled, using the metal roof and siding from the old chicken coop. It had been previously attached with screws as opposed to nails, so it was in really good shape. It was a bit of a tedious job to remove from the coop, but it was well worth salvaging. To have a metal roof that allows the snow to slide off of, instead of having to shovel it off, is a real asset around here. And it saved us a chunk of change by not having to buy it.

Full bank of windows. Total southern exposure!

On day two John came back over and wired the building for lights and power. John is an Electrical Engineer and we are SO very grateful for his talents, time and help. He also wired a few more outlets into Matt’s shop while he was here. He’s a great guy! And we owe him a case of Dos Equis at the very least!!

Wiring for outlets and overhead lighting. North wall, west and east corners.

Then it was time to put up the insulation. What an Un-fun job that is. But thankfully the insulation is finished. Now all we need to do is put up the interior walls, lay down the weed block and gravel, hang the doors and paint. I think that’s it anyway.

Light switch on east wall & insulation in ceiling & walls.

We even have enough lumber left to build potting/growing tables for the inside. And I would like to find some siding to match the house for the few areas of exposed exterior wood.
I am SO excited I can hardly stand it. I want to rush out and buy seed starting soil NOW! I do plan to at least grow greens for salad during the winter in this baby. We plan to heat it will a self contained oil heater. They are safe and efficient. And I think will heat an area this small and insulated quite nicely. I will have a small barrel pond inside as well as I hope to winter over some of my non-hardy pond plants in the greenhouse. My hope is that the mini pond will help keep the humidity level up. And of course there will be a fan to move the air.
So, there is the update. And I'll let you know how the growing goes :-)

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