Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun Holiday Treats

Introducing two new Fun Holiday Products!!


It looks like a slice of pumpkin pie, it smells like a slice of pumpkin pie, BUT PLEASE DON'T EAT IT LIKE A SLICE OF PUMPKIN PIE :)
So realistic that our grandson actually thought it was a real slice of pumpkin pie! Set one on your bathroom counter in a pretty plate and fool your guests this holiday season!

Read more about this bubbly Holiday Treat HERE.


Yes, they look like Gingerbread Men with their chocolate chip buttons all in a row.
Who wouldn't want their own bubbly, sweet smelling man for Christmas ;)
These sweet smelling guys make charming little guests soaps for the holidays!
To find out more about these adorable Holiday Dudes, CLICK HERE.


Bubbles & Fizz in Chocolaty Mint for a perfectly invigorating bath time duo. A great bar of soap and fun bath bomb for a super price!

We've paired up our popular Handcrafted Chocolate Mint Glycerin & Shea Butter Soap with one of our decadent Milk & Honey Fizz Bang! Bath Bombs.

You can beat this Sweet Treat of a Deal!

Purchase the Bubbles & Fizz Combo Here.

Stay tuned for more fun holiday treats coming soon!!

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