Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Sweet Clementine

What was it last week? I honestly don't remember, my favorite's change so often and so fast! However, as of this mornings soap batch unmolding, my newest swoon worthy fav is what we're calling "My Sweet Clementine".

You know that wonderful sweet orangy scent that embraces your senses when you peel a clementine orange or a tangerine? It's nothing like peeling any other kind of orange! It is a unique citrus scent all unto itself. And one that I loved as a young child growing up in Santa Monica, California when peeling a cute little tangerine while sitting on my grandmas porch looking out over the ocean. It's funny how fragrance can elicit a memory. Sorry for the digression :)

Anyway "My Sweet Clementine combines that incredible orange with a hint of french lavender and a bevy of other lovely spa scents. I just know that are going to love it as much as I do.

So, here is a sneek peek of the freshly cut bars which will be ready for use around Feb. 13th.

While waiting for MSC to finishing drying, be sure to check out two other new soaps on site. A new glycerin soap called Cucumber Melon Berry. A visually stunning piece of soap artwork.

And a new luxury soap called Cucumber Aloe. Loaded with yummy skin loving cocoa and shea butters.
Yes, I'm sure you are seeing the trend here. We've kind of been on a cucumber roll the past week in the shop. And we still have a few more cucumber fragrances to get to ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Judgement, Relationships & Risk

Sometimes it seems like friends are only friends until you no longer suit their needs/wants. I've discovered this multiple times over this past year.

First there was the one that decided after 10 years of very close friendship that because of our spiritual views she just could no longer be around us. Regardless of the fact that she and her family had previously embraced us with our spriritual views. Nothing had changed in us. We were the same that day as we had been the day before, and the week before, and the month before, and the year before..... So what changed in her? She has recently apologized to my husband. But I take being judged for my spirituality very, very personally. As I would NEVER judge anyone for theirs. And I'm just not ready to "bury the hatchet" so to speak.

And then there was the man; a long friend of almost 30 years. Who told my husband that he had his job cut out for him because his wife (me) was a pagan and had lowered herself to the status of cavemen who didn't know any better than to deficate right outside the door of their own dwellings! Funny, he didn't seem to understand that my husband is a pagan as well.

Now, I'm all of a sudden the enemy of another "friend"!  Because I don't shop at walmart, and I'm opposed to the government, I'm "a negative person", and she has said that because of my anti walmart/government views,  that I've somehow all of a sudden insulted what her husband does for a living (he is in the military).  She and her family no longer want anything to do with us. WTF???? Why am I the enemy now, and I wasn't 2 weeks ago? Or a year ago, or 2 years ago. My views on the government or walmart are no different now than they were when we met.
Thus it sometimes seems as if people are friends as long as you suit their needs/wants/ideals, etc. When they have used up whatever resources/energies they can get from you, be it emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, etc. then you will be kicked to the curb! It is human nature. So how do we as humans combat this? How do we change this "survial of the fittest" instinct within us so that we do not continue to create a bruised, broken, and bitter race? What is the answer? Do we just forgive and forget? Or become complacent? Or do we risk and do as one of Sarah McLachlan's songs says "If I shed a tear, I won't cage it. I won't fear love. If I feel a rage, I won't deny it. I won't fear love."

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you.

For the record, I think that I will follow the advice of the song lyrics, and not fear love. I shall continue to risk my heart being stepped on, bruised or battered. Without the risk, we cannot experience the joy. Nor can we experience the true essence of ourselves.

Blessed Be Always!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

These cute little Bubbling Bath Melts are now available on our site for purchace. Just in time for a quick little Valentines Gift or even a nice, decadent gift to paper yourself :)

Just drop one or two in your bath and let the bubbles and moisturizing cocoa butter soften and spoil your skin while the sensual scents of Sex & Candy or Chocolate Fetish tantalize your senses.


Bubbling Bath Melts are approximately .7 oz. each and come in sets of 4. Each set is packaged in a pretty organza bag with satin draw string. They retail for $5.95 and can be purchased HERE
More Valentines gift goodies coming soon :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm sitting at the hospital waiting today. My mom's husband was just called back to be prepped for surgery. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer last week. The cancer is apparently isolated to the lining of the bladder. So today they will attempt to remove it. They will also do some exploration of the prostate to assue that no cancer has effected it. If it has, they will do what is necessary to repair that as well. Needless to say, he and my mom are very scared, as are we all. We would appreciate any prayers, healing energies, lit candles and what not that those reading might feel lead to offer.

In the meantime, I thought that I'd show you what I did yesterday for a custom order. These are glycerin soaps. The copper moon is a cocoa butter/shea butter blend. The silver moon is a mango butter/shea butter blend. Both are scented with Amber Vanilla.

Cocoa Butter/Shea Butter Blend with copper penny mica moon.

Mango Butter/Shea Butter Blend with antique blue mica moon.

All total I made 4 bars that are 4.5 ounces each. I really hope that the customer likes them. I was going to just pour them into plain molds, but a bit of whimsy struck me at the last minute :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Need Input on Some New Ideas

We've been tossing around some ideas the past few weeks for some new offerings to you, all of our awesome, loyal customers. And we thought that we would add a few polls here on the blog to get your feedback.
If you look over to your right there, you will see the two Polls Boxes. At the bottom of each box is a link for you to leave a comment if you wish to expound further on your vote. Easy!

Here are some of the things we have come up with and we would love to know what you think.
  1. Soap by the Log/Loaf - in 2.5 lb logs you can cut into bars yourself
  2. Foaming Bath Whip - It's great for shaving :)
  3. Moisturizing Bath Salts
  4. Whipped Butters - As in Shea, Mango, Kokum, Cocoa, etc.
  5. Expanded Line of Foaming Sugar Scrubs - In new yummy scents!
  6. Lip Balms
  7. Scented Shampoo & Conditioner
  8. Bath Bombs
  9. Bubble Bars
So, there's the results from our brainstorming. Let us know what you would like to see by voting in our polls. If there is something that you would like to see that isn't listed in the polls, please DO leave feedback in the comments section of this post or in the polls themselves. I LOVE comments :) I read them and try to respond to them all. And we will add your ideas to our list and take them into consideration. It is our goal to meet your needs, to make you happy. When your happy, we're happy :)
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Blessed Be!

Bubbling Bath Melts & the Balance of Life

Today I worked on Bubbling Bath Melts for Valentines Day. Here is a picture of the ones scented in Sex & Candy.
I wrapped them in purple foil (it really is a pretty purple, but it looks more blue in this picture). They weigh 20 grams each and will be available in sets of 4.
I think they turned out really cute and tomorrow I will work on one scented in Love Sick. I also plan to have Chocolate Fetish available and maybe one other scent that I've not made up my mind on yet.
Would have liked to have gotten more done today, however, I found out mid day that my Mom's husband has cancer. This news comes on the heels of my youngest sister being diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. She is only 30 years old. And then two weeks ago finding out that my Aunt has stage 3 brain cancer. I sort of feel like some unknown force is waging war on my family. And it all kind of caught up with me today :(
On a brighter note, I did get a call from my son who is expecting his first child (he has two step-sons). They called from just having an ultra-sound and it looks as if I'm going have my first (biological) grand-daughter the first of June! Finally a baby girl to dress up in frilly, pretty things :)
So, as is so often in life, where there is sadness, there comes joy. Such is the balance of life.
Blessed be!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Wild Urge Came Over Me.....

It's been a long time since I've done anything like this. Years in fact!!

It's called Oven Hot Process Soap. But for some reason today I had the urge, the drive, THE OBSESSION to do a batch of soap by this method instead of my beloved Cold Process method. Hope my old method doesn't get it's feeling hurt ;)

So, I mixed it up, with yummy things like cocoa butter & babassu oil. Then added some goat's milk and some honey. See, when these kinds of urges, these kinds of deeps dark compulsions strike it causes one to do all kinds of crazy things. *giggle*
Now it's in the oven getting all hot and bubbly! And there's just one BIG problem. I have no idea what to scent it with. I'm wanting to use some that is oh so decadent. Oh so sinful. If you have any ideas, chime in. It will be in the oven for an hour :)

Thought that I'd post a few more pics of the stages that hot process soap goes through while in the oven. So here are two more pictures.

You can see the honey (the dark swirls) turning brown from the cook. Yummy!

Now it's ready to stir, add the fragrance, stir again and GLOP! into the mold. I'll report back shortly on what I scented it with.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Etsy Treasuries

I'm excited to share with you all that one of my products was chosen for an Etsy Treasury. It's always exciting to find out that someone admires something that you created with your own two hands enough to include it in a collection of their favorite things :)

This particular treasury is really astounding in that the artist featured have some amazing talent. Take the Salesea Shell Neckwarmer for instance. My Gods!! Is it simply gorgeous!! I had no idea that crochet could be so beautiful. And by clicking on BeAdorned's Jasper Necklace I discovered that this talented beader lives right in the same small community as I do. It really is a small world huh?

Anyway, please stop by this treasury ans show some love to these amazing artists and indies by clicking on each photo which will increase the number at the top on the photo. And you'll see my Pumpkin Pie Slice soap that was featured while your there :)
Here the link:

Blessed Be!