Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Sweet Clementine

What was it last week? I honestly don't remember, my favorite's change so often and so fast! However, as of this mornings soap batch unmolding, my newest swoon worthy fav is what we're calling "My Sweet Clementine".

You know that wonderful sweet orangy scent that embraces your senses when you peel a clementine orange or a tangerine? It's nothing like peeling any other kind of orange! It is a unique citrus scent all unto itself. And one that I loved as a young child growing up in Santa Monica, California when peeling a cute little tangerine while sitting on my grandmas porch looking out over the ocean. It's funny how fragrance can elicit a memory. Sorry for the digression :)

Anyway "My Sweet Clementine combines that incredible orange with a hint of french lavender and a bevy of other lovely spa scents. I just know that are going to love it as much as I do.

So, here is a sneek peek of the freshly cut bars which will be ready for use around Feb. 13th.

While waiting for MSC to finishing drying, be sure to check out two other new soaps on site. A new glycerin soap called Cucumber Melon Berry. A visually stunning piece of soap artwork.

And a new luxury soap called Cucumber Aloe. Loaded with yummy skin loving cocoa and shea butters.
Yes, I'm sure you are seeing the trend here. We've kind of been on a cucumber roll the past week in the shop. And we still have a few more cucumber fragrances to get to ;)


  1. The soap you make is always so beautiful. You are an artist. I look at the colors and know how adept you are at mixing sents and have wondered what candy would look and taste like if you went into that field.
    I can immagine that they would be works of art that would taste magnificant as well.:)

    Love you bunches,

  2. Excellent Write Up!


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