Friday, January 8, 2010

Bubbling Bath Melts & the Balance of Life

Today I worked on Bubbling Bath Melts for Valentines Day. Here is a picture of the ones scented in Sex & Candy.
I wrapped them in purple foil (it really is a pretty purple, but it looks more blue in this picture). They weigh 20 grams each and will be available in sets of 4.
I think they turned out really cute and tomorrow I will work on one scented in Love Sick. I also plan to have Chocolate Fetish available and maybe one other scent that I've not made up my mind on yet.
Would have liked to have gotten more done today, however, I found out mid day that my Mom's husband has cancer. This news comes on the heels of my youngest sister being diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. She is only 30 years old. And then two weeks ago finding out that my Aunt has stage 3 brain cancer. I sort of feel like some unknown force is waging war on my family. And it all kind of caught up with me today :(
On a brighter note, I did get a call from my son who is expecting his first child (he has two step-sons). They called from just having an ultra-sound and it looks as if I'm going have my first (biological) grand-daughter the first of June! Finally a baby girl to dress up in frilly, pretty things :)
So, as is so often in life, where there is sadness, there comes joy. Such is the balance of life.
Blessed be!


  1. The melts are adorable and the foil is just perfect! So sorry to hear about your family's health issues but every happy to hear about your new grandbaby!

  2. Life Deliberate,
    Thank you for your kind comments all on accounts. They are much appreciated :)
    Blessed Be,

  3. Lynn Baker - TowerthornJanuary 10, 2010 at 9:08 PM

    Greetings, Ghost Witch....
    It is delightful to hear about your soon to be born baby Granddaughter! Very exciting!
    So sorry to hear about the health problems in your are getting hit hard all at once with this! Sending healing thoughts on the winds to the three of them.
    Your heart shaped Bubbling Bath Melts are wonderful! Love the names of the scents too!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Towerthorn,
    Thank you for your healing thoughts for my family. We can take all we can get. My mom's husband goes in today for all his pre-op testing.

    I finished up a batch of Chocolate Fetish Bath Melts yesterday. The shop smells devishly delicious :)

  5. Hey Honey I was sorry to read about the illnesses plagueing your family but was thrilled to hear of yo new granddaughter! They are wonderful to have and spoil I have 5 (3 step and 2 bio) and only one is a girl and oh boy is she a handful now (8) having so many brothers she is a true tomboy, so the frilly things are out now that she can voice her own tastes. I hope all else goes fine for you and that the rest of this month is peaceful and tranquil. I'm sure you have friends and family closer to you than I am but anytime you need to unload or just to chat I'm just a phone call (or chat box) away and if you don't have free long distance you can still buzz me and I will call you back. much love Renee

  6. Renee,
    Thanks for always being there. Even if it is long distance, I know that you are always there is spirit for me. You are a great source of support and confort for me. Have been for more than 25 years :)
    I'm buried trying to get all my tax stuff done, but when I dig out, I'm going to call you so we can catch up. We are WAYYYY behind :)
    Love ya!!


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