Monday, March 15, 2010

Fragrance Re-naming Contest!!

We have a slight dilemma and we need your help. We just got in a few new LUSH fragrance duplicates, but due to copyright issues we cannot use the LUSH names. So, we need to rename them. This is where YOU come in. And we thought that we'd make it fun and turn it into a little contest. So here's the scoop!

The Fragrance: LUSH's "Honey I Washed the Kids"
This very popular LUSH duplicate notes of citrus and a honey-floral bouquet......middle notes of warm summer peaches, crisp apple and rich, buttery toffee......with bottom notes of earthy woods & sexy musk. For me, it's just heaven in a bottle, LOL!

The Prize: Pure Decadence Whipped Body Butter (Full 2 oz size - not a whimpy sample)
I just finished formulating the most decadent whipped body butter. It's loaded with yummy butters like shea and mango as well as macadamia and other exotic oils, plant extracts and luxurious virgin coconut oil. It will be available in 2 oz jars, and is scented with our new LUSH duplicate of "Honey I Washed the Kids".

HOWEVER, we need to decide on that new name for the HIWTK's fragrance first......So get your ideas in here.....We've only got a few hours left!!! That's right, this contest only lasts 48 hours!

So, hurry and get your ideas for a new name into us at CLICK TO EMAIL

OR if your on Facebook come join the contest and the fun at our Facebook Fanpage at:

We're excited and looking forward to all the fun new names that you all come up with.

Contest Ends March 16, 2010 at 6:00 pm PST

Blessed Be,
Ghost Wytch