Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Bath Treats Available

Mixed Fruit Tsunami is mixed up melle' of tropical fruits, hand blended in house. Citrus, mango, starfruit, watermelon, plum, and strawberry to name a few. We've added a helping of skin soothing tropical coconut milk to finish off this delightful bath bomb.

Frolick in a tub full of fun, frothy, silky bubbles. Linger in the silky, soothing water as your skin soaks up the yummy goodness of pure unrefined cocoa butter. All the ingredients in these decadent delights disolve nicely in the water to create a soothing spa of softness for your skin! Each 2 oz cookie will last for two bath by break it in half and using one half per bath. Or use the entire cookie for a really luxurious experience.

Keep a close watch as we will be adding more of these fun Bath Treats in different "flavors" to our website soon. And as always, thank you for your support and continued patronage. We adore you all!!

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