Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pour Some Sugar On Me Handmade Soap

As Promised, here are some pics of yesterdays batch of the LUSH Dupe HIWTK. I call it Pour Some Sugar on Me. And I'm telling you, if I did not know for a fact that this was a dupe, I would not be able to tell the difference. It smell dead on!! And HIWTK is my all time favorite LUSH scent so you can't fool me when it comes to this particular scent.

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Hey! Sugar, Sugar!!
I had a hard time getting any decent photos for this one because it's rainning today and I've been taking most of my shots outside. So, my creativity for this set up was on the pitiful side, lol.

Because this particular soap and scent are in such high demand, we're going to go ahead and make this soap available right away for our Memorial Day Sale starting Friday. It is very much safe to use, but still needs some time (about 8 more days) for some more water to evaporate out of it. That gives you a much harder, longer lasting bar.

You can find this lovely handmade soap for purchase up on the Valhalla Soap Company website HERE. Just remember that when you receive it, unwrap it and let it set in a cool (not cold) dry place for another 5-10 days before using it.


  1. This one is so cute! Love the sugar cube in the top!

  2. Thanks ADL!
    It was a fun one to see come about once the idea popped into my head, LOL.


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