Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Since When Does NO TRESPASSING not apply?

We filled out our census. Didn't want to, but there was that whole "punishable by law" statement emblazoned on the envelope. Damn government strong arm bully tactics!! We answered the questions we felt were important and left the others blank. We just didn't feel like the majority of questions were any of their damn business! We mailed it in. A long time ago in fact. Okay, glad to have that over with.

So today, a strange as in unfamiliar blue SUV come down our driveway. Which is some distance off the main road mind you. And posted at the top with several No Trespassing signs. Of which they obviously ignored. THIS irritated me to no end. And I had no problem with expressing the this woman my irritation that she had just trespassed on private property. She said she was an Official Census Taker. That they had not received our census form (which I'm sure is a bunch of B.S.) and that No Trespass signs don't apply to "official government employees. Excuse me!! What makes a freaking census taker so "official", so "governmental". It's not like she was the freaking FBI. Or ATF!!! She was just an average ordinary Jane standing in the unemployment line who got a job going door to door filling out census forms invading everyones privacy!! Hell, we don't even know what her background is. She is a stranger, coming onto MY property. THAT is Trespassing!

She insisted that we answer the questions verbally & she would fill in the form. For all the good it did her. We still refused to answer the same questions as before. So she had to mark the rest of the questions "refused".

I expect a higher ranking census "official" to show up next. This time the driveway cable will be across the driveway & padlocked!! We'll see if THAT applies to them! GRR!!

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