Friday, July 30, 2010

Confirmation is Awesome!

It's always awesome when something comes around to confirm to you that you did the right thing, made the right choice, took that right step. Today was one of those days!

About a month ago, with knees knocking, I humbly walked into a local organic market with product in hand. See this market had asked me over a year ago to bring my products in. They repeated told me how much they loved my products and that customers were asking for them. I had sold previously at their weekly farmer's market. But the idea of putting my products into a store that I had such high respect for sent me into a frenzy of fear and self sabatoge. Add to it that I was laid up for month from a very traumatic surgery. But the truth is that it was mostly the fear and self sabatoge. How could my products possibly "hold their own" and find favor amoung some of the areas most well respected organic icons?

Today I as I was labeling more soaps to take into this awesome store and thinking to myself, "what on earth are they going to do with more soap?" what should arrive in the mail? A check!! My first check from this store!! Imagine my shock. It was the last thing in the world that I was expecting! I was so overjoyed and still am. You see, it proves to me that folks in this area DO want my natural products. The ones that DON'T have scents like you find at Bath & Body Works. the ones that are a little bit more pricey due to the organic ingredients and high quality essential oils that go into them.

This have given me new strength, a new vision, to continue in the vien of a more natural product. What my heart has been screaming for all along. To work with more essential oils! I'm glad that I listen to my intuition and took that fearful step that day a month ago. Because confirmation can be awesome. But it can also be a wonderful beacon to light your way!

Blessed Be!


  1. Thanks Deliberate Life :) It may seem like nothing to some, but it was a mental milestone for me, lol.


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