Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HR 5786 - Hidden Agenda?

A dear friend brought my attention to a video he thought I might be interested in today. As I watched, I could not quite figure out just why he sent it, knowing where I stand on the use of toxic chemicals and the FDA's corruptive ways of getting products approved for use by humans. 

As I watched I was pretty much on the womans side about how bad and toxic the ingredients were and how corrupt the FDA was until the end of the video when she started plugging for HR 5786. I have to give kudos though. She does a great job FOR the feds and the FDA just by appearing to be against them. And the man does just as great job FOR the FDA by attempting to prove that none of the toxic chemical used in OTC cosmetics are dangerous at all.

If the average consumer, not educated in petro-chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, sulfides, etc. were to watch this video, they would be left SO completely confused that they mostly likely would go away from the stores not knowing what to do. Which is precicely the intent. To remove the focus from the really glaring negative points of HR 5786. Which can be found HERE.  What a nasty ugly campaign this is.

Last year the feds inacted a similar reading bill that attacked the small businesses that make toys and childrens clothing. Vurtually shutting down hundreds of small mom and pop businesses. Completely erradicating the only source of income for many. Adding even further to our already stressed ecomony.

We; the Cosmetic Formulators that you have come to know. Whose products you have come to love, postponed the the feds from enacting as similar bill that would do the same to us. Remove YOUR freedom to chose which kinds of cosmetics, soaps, lotions, etc. that you buy and WHO you buy them from. Now they are busy back at work with HR 5786 working to shut us down.

And it won't stop here folks. They will continue until they have shut down every small business and cottage industry in the nation. If you own a small business, it could be YOU on the chopping block next year! 

It's about more than safe cosmetics. That is a smoke and mirrors game! It is SO much deeper! It's about the rights and freedoms to free enterprise for the small/micro entreprenuer. It's about your freedom of choice. It's about your rights. Your right to chose products made in the USA. It's about our rights afforded us by the constitution of this United States of America that our fore Fathers fought for. Maybe even your own great-great-great Grand-father. Fighting for the right to keep and work his land. Like the farmers today must do just to grow non-GMO crops! But that is a blog post for another day.

Please stand up for your right to chose! Share this with your friends and encourage them to sign this petition.

Go Here to sign Petition:

Blessed Be!

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