Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Contest! Whacked Out Wednesdays!! Starts TODAY!!

We've been doing some chatting and came up with what we thought might be a fun little contest/game to play on Wednesdays. Here's how it works:

Whacked Out Wednesdays -
Our Role:

Every Wed. morning we will randomly pick 12 fragrance and/or essential oils from our inventory using We will then list them and their descriptions on our Facebook Fan page and our Blog.

Your Role:

1.) Players are to chose 4 (exactly, no more, no less) options from the list.

2.) Formulate a new scent from their choices. For example:

3 parts Ambergris
2 parts Lime
1 part Bay Rum
1 part Ocean

3.) Give your new scent a name.

4). Email us ( sales at valhallasoap dot com ) or message us here on Facebook the formula (recipe) for your new scent and the name you chose for it.

**All entries will be due every Friday at 5:00 pm PST. A winner will be chosen at random using and announced on the following Manic Monday.

The winning scent will be made into a Limited Edition Gift Set (soap, lotion (4 oz), bath bomb). The winner will receive (1) FREE Limited Edition Gift Set.

We think it will be great fun to see all the Whacked Out Wild & Crazy Scent blends that everyone comes up with, lol. So put on your Mad Scientist coats and get to formulating. Happy mixing!!

This weeks list of 12 random scents and thier descriptions are listed below.

1.Iced Gingerbread - fresh baked gingerbread cookie fragrance with the creamy sweet white icing notes.

2.Ethiopian Myrrh - Ethiopian Myrrh is warm, rich, and spicy. Soothing and calming with its slighly balsamic undertones giving depth and balance to this aromatic fragrance oil. A great blender with other fragrance oils such as Roses, Honey, or Neroli.

3.Coffee Caramel - sweet caramel notes swirl around rich roasted coffee notes with a frothy top. Vanilla and milk add creamy smoothness, enhancing this sweet fragrance.

4.Coconut Lime Verbena - a citrus bouquet with its soft floral undertone on a background of musk and sandalwood

5.Ocean - Cool, clean, ocean air.

6.Lemon Verbena - citrus and flowery springtime all at once. Lemon Verbena is fresh and sharp, but beautifully balanced with crisp herbal notes. A bright clean, bodacious lemon scent.

7.Neroli Blossom - a haunting floral scent of fragrant white orange blossoms, velvety magnolia and just a hint of white musk.

8.Lavender & Cedar - Floral-woody top notes of lavender essential oil open the fragrance, along with natural oils of cedarleaf and rosemary.

9.Black Raspberry Vanilla - blend of fruity notes (including: raspberry, peach, lemon and strawberry) on a bed of florals, with a musk bottom note

10.Almond & Shea - mild notes of almond and botanicals with just a hint of vanilla.

11.Nag Champa - An oriental bouquet of Musk and Patchouli with the sweetness of Sandalwood and Rose on an Orange Blossom background.

12.Ambergris - Deep, rich and exotic. A very heavy, warm, musky scent. A great blender for floral scents.


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