Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spokane Public Market.....A Dream Come True?

Today I sent in my "Intend to Vend" Form along with my Annual Membership Fee. What this means is that the Spokane Public Market (SMP) is indeed drawing closer to becoming a reality. The acquisition of the property at 22 West Second Street was officially signed Friday Oct 15th !! The SPM finally owns a building to house the many vendors that have been dreaming about this coming to fruition for almost 2 years.

It all started for us when vending at a local farmers market, a kind gentleman approached. He quietly looked over our setup and products and then asked a bit about us; where we lived, that sort of thing. Then he asked if we would be interested in vending at a full-time indoor market. My heart skipped a beat! Was he serious? We have dreamed for years of having a "store front" of sorts. However, the overhead these days is just, well, over our heads. And our goal when we started was to never go into debt via bank or small biz loans. A full-time, year round, indoor market place would be ideal in every way. It didn't take more than a few seconds for me to say, "Absolutely, we would be interested." So, he took down our contact information and said he would be in touch. I can't even tell you how excited we were. And are even more so now since Matt became disabled. Valhalla Farms will become a bigger part of our livelihood than ever before.

And then there was the waiting. And more waiting. But while we waiting, the powers that be were hard at work behind the scenes. Finding property, negotiating with the city, and all the legal stuff that goes into something as grand as this. It is NOT a small undertaking! To really get an idea of just how grand and wonderful this will be not only for the vendors, but for the entire Spokane community, hope on over to the Spokane Public Market website and have a look. See the vision for the Market, how it will benefit the community and the downtown area and YOU! See how you can get involved and support the Market. Sign up for the Mailing List for important updates and Become a Facebook Fan. And lastly, Spread the Word!! Tell you friends, you mother, your brother, your dog! EVERYONE!!!! 

The goal is to have the Spokane Public Market open to the public by mid spring of 2011. To do this, the Market needs support. Support in the way of publicity and fundraising are paramount at the moment. If you'd like to have access to an awesome market such as this in Spokane, I ask that you show your support in any way possible. And if you can swing a few bucks that would be fantastic! Even $10 helps the cause. And it's tax deductible.

Matt & myself thank you for your loyal support of us over the years. And we thank you in advance for your support of the Spokane Public Market. A cause that is very near & dear to our hearts.

See you at the Spokane Public Market!
Donna & Matt

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  1. Donna and Matt--This is so cool! I found another vendor's blog! The anarchist soapmaker. I love the communal nature of the market scene and know we will get along great!

    My business is Gourmet Foragables & More. I sell wild mushrooms, huckleberries, and homemade huckleberry goodies.

    I'm tryin' to connect with as many people as I can before this thing opens up to help spread the word.

    Follow my blog at gourmetforagables.blogspot.com and I'll look for you in facebook.


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