Saturday, October 16, 2010

What the Heck Has Been Going On?

I suppose by now, many of our loyal, long time customers are scratching their heads and saying "what gives?" Wondering why the activity on our website has gone down. Why we haven't stayed on top of updating it. Why we haven't sent out any newsletters lately. Why we have been promoting our Etsy & ArtFire Shops? Well, this Blog Post is a bit overdue, but it will answer your questions.

After our last website update we ran into a few glitches with out main website. We worked hard with our host to correct those glitches and they assured us that everything was "good to go". Then we went down again. And again. Then we notices some security issues and worked on those with our host. Then when we would try to send newsletters we would get errors and they would send to only half of our newsletter list. Part of the reason for this blog post. We can't send out a newsletter. We have tried numerous times through numerous methods to resolve these issues. When we get one issue resolved, another crops up. Suffice to say, something is just "buggy" as hell.

In the meantime, we must use alternate venues to bring you our fabulous skin loving goodies *smile* Loving and caring for you all the way that we do, we would not want your skin to go into shock, or withdrawls from not getting it's daily fix of scrumptious Valhalla treats *grin* So, we have given you two alternate shopping options, because we like variety.

Shop for Valhalla Goodies at Goddess Bath on ArtFire.
Unlike Etsy, you do not need an ArtFire account to shop at ArtFire.

Shop for Valhalla Goddies at ValhallaSoap on Etsy.

Now on to yummier topics! WHIPPED CREAM SOAP! Have you tried it yet? If not then you MUST!!

We have small 2oz. Trial sizes available in either of our above listed stores for only $3.99. I just have to tell you that I'm ADDICTED, yes I said ADDICTED to this stuff!! I sware it's like crack, or what's that other hard to kick drug? Heroine? Whatever! I just know that it's like a freaking drug. I can't get enough of it. And we are getting the same feedback from customers who have already tried.

So don't miss out on the HIGH. Get your's today! I suggest the Sweet delish!!

Until next time...
Love, Laughter & Lather! Lots and Lots of Lather ;-)

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