Friday, May 6, 2011

Important Announcement! Triple Butter Whip

We've received a few concerned calls/emails in the last week or so from customers who have ordered the Triple Butter Whip. Seems that their Whip arrived completely melted, in a total liquid state. And they were not able to rewhip/stir it back together again. And we have replaced these at our cost.

This is the result of the product being exposed to extreme heat. This can be from a number of different reasons. It may have sat in a hot shipping warehouse over a weekend, in a postal/UPS truck, or left for delivery on a porch in direct sunlight. The package may have been picked up from the post office and left in a car until after work. The reasons are myriad really.  Bottom line is that we cannot control what happens to the package after it leave here.

Understand that this product is NOT an emulsified product containing water and emulsifiers like some other products that called body butters but are in truth creams or thick lotions. Our Triple Butter Whip in made strictly from luxury nut/fruit butters and skin pampering oils. When it comes in contact with your skin (98.6 degrees F) in melts and soaks in beautifully. That is why so many of you love this product. *smile* So naturally if it sits in a car, or on a porch, or is a mail truck, it is going to melt and break down.

So, like many other companies in our industry, we have made the difficult decision to only ship this product during the cooler months of the year. Thus protecting the integrity of this fabulous product for both our customers and ourselves. We will stop shipping beginning June 1, 2011 - October 31, 2011. And will resume shipping on November 1, 2011.  It will still be for sale locally and available for local pick-up and delivery. 

We so appreciate all of YOU our awesome customers for your love and support this past year. And as a way to say thank you, the Triple Butter Whip will be on sale from now until the end of May so that you can stock up on all your favorite scent to get you through the summer. 

Buy Triple Butter Whip on our Main Website

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I'd also like to suggest that during the summer months, you try our lighter emulsified Botanical Body Cream. This is a beautifully, rich and thick body cream that glides on smoothly with no drag, leaving behind a nice moisturized finish.  And it's packed with vitamins and botanical extracts which nourish your dry summer skin.

Thank you SO much for your understanding and loyalty.

Blessed Be,
Donna & Matt

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