Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seriously? ETSY you have gone too far!!!

Forgive me if I think that Etsy Sellers AND Etsy have stooped to an all-time low here. I'm all for following your creative muse folks. Seriously! Get your creative freak on and make some money off it if you can. But it is just down right wrong, sick, twisted, BEYOND freakish to be inspired to create and then make a profit off the death on a child. Shame of you crafters that are doing so and worse yet, shame on ETSY for allowing this kind of shit.....yes SHIT, FODDER, GARBAGE, to be listed!!

Casey Anthony Court Room Diorama $450

Casey Anthony Bumper Sticker $1.99

Matt & I have long been considering pulling all of our products from ETSY but I have been dragging my we do get a good amount of sales from some really awesome customers there. But this callous disregard for life on the part of ETSY and many of it's sellers has just given me the needed push to stop procrastinating and follow what my intuition told me to do long ago. We have worked our asses off to build a respectable reputation for our company, and don't want to be affiliated with any organization that places the almighty dollar (by allowing these heinous listings) than the life of a helpless and innocent child. 

Adios ETSY! You've gone way too far this time. Thank you to ALL our amazing ETSY Customers that have supported us over the years. We hope that you will understand our decision and follow us to our main site

From here on out, all of our products can be found HERE on our maine website. 

Blessings & Peace to you All,
Donna & Matt