Friday, February 14, 2014

January Best Sellers at Valhalla Soap Company

We're often asked what our best sellers are. Or what our most popular scents are. So we're doing something new this year at Valhalla Soap Company. At the end of every month we will take a tally of the top 5 best selling soaps as well as the top 3 best selling body care products. The results can be found on the Home page of our website. On our Facebook Page, here on our Blog and in our Newsletter.

So here we go with the January results. We hope you find this helpful and it inspirers you to maybe step outside your comfort zone and try a new scent or product :)

January Best Sellers

Fallen Angel Shea Butter Soap

#1. Vampire Bite Cocoa Butter Soap (currently out of stock, sorry)


Stay tuned for lots of great things coming for 2014. We thank you for all your support this past year and we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!! 

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