Monday, February 16, 2015

Victory Cometh!!!

Vikings!! We can smell victory!!  We have accomplished so much the past few days. We admit that your plunder has overwhelmed us! But Odin will smile upon us tomorrow, we are sooooo close! Thank you from the bottom and top of our hearts, for hangin with us! All of you ROCK our world! 

Well, as many of you have probably noticed, we didn't make it to reopen today. As I did mention before, this could be an extended closure.We had ALLOT and I do mean ALLOT of orders to wade through. We have worked everyday, all day with no days off since we closed. And still have a few orders left to finish up. And we have not even had the chance to start making product to restock yet. So give us another week. We are doing the best we can. Remember, it's just the two of us :)

Thanks for your patience!! 

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