Saturday, August 29, 2015

Closing For Fall Prep

We've got just less than a week before Round 1 of our Fall Release. How did it get here so fast? Dang! Time for me to focus on nothing but that. So we will be closing at 12:00 noon today. We will reopen on Friday Sept. 4th at 5 pm all stocked and ready to go with Fall goodies round 1 smile emoticon

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saving Superman

So yesterday I'm sitting here having my morning coffee when all of a sudden there is a loud *THUD* that hit the window behind me so hard that it nearly shook the house. Mind you this window is protected on three sides by a covered deck. And we have seldom if ever have birds fly into it. Unlike our other windows which we've had to hang hawk silhouettes in. Anyway, I ran outside to see what happened and sure enough there on the deck lay this poor little bird. With my heart breaking I scooped him up. He was barely breathing and had some blood coming from his mouth. Thinking he was a goner I sent a prayer out to Mother to take him swiftly. 
At this point I began hearing scratching noises coming from the roof. Tiiiin Roof!! (sorry had to get that B-52's reference in there ;) ) And lo and behold there perched on the edge of the deck roof was a big Sparrow Hawk! So I gave him a stern talking to and informed him that he would not be having this little guy for breakfast today. Then I shooed him away and brought the little bird inside. I held him close and fed him as much loving, healing energy as I could for about an hour. So much for starting work early. 

Well, all but being able to fly. Which required me to dig out the spare bird cage, clean it and get him settled in. Seems the bonk on the head cause a stroke of sorts and his left side just isn't cooperating with the idea of flight just yet. 
So we will take care of Superman (that's the name we've given him because he's able to crash into plate glass windows and bounce back up, lol), check his flight skills daily and give him lots of love until he can be free again. And if that day doesn't come, then he will join our family permanently. Our cockatiel Loki will be happy to have a friend.
If anyone has any experience feeding convalescing wild birds we would love to hear from you :)