Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our 5 Golden Rules

Valhalla Soap Company's Five Golden Rules

1). Don't put out any product to our customers that we wouldn't use ourselves. 
And we are very picky about what we put on our own bodies. Our skin is our largest organ. 
Imagine what that much surface space can absorb! That said, we are driven to use only the best ingredients, organic when possible to keep ours and your skin as healthy as we can.  

2). Be Kind to Mother. We do our best to be kind to our planet by using ingredients and packaging that are sustainable and/or recyclable and/or biodegradable whenever possible. Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose! We reuse as much shipping material a we can (peanuts, bubble wrap, boxes, etc.). We recycle all eligible materials be it paper, plastic, glass, etc. We will not use disposable dishes to mix, make, formulate. This just added to the growing waste issue. It only takes a few minutes to wash the dishes at the end of the day. Support other small businesses and shop local when feasible. Bottom Line: We will do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.

3). Be Humble and always have a grateful heart. We try to stay humble and remember that are just one fish in a vast sea of amazingly talented and inspiring Indie Makers. We are grateful every day for our awesome Clan of customers many of whom we have become close friends with over the all. And ALL of whom we consider family. Without them, Valhalla Soap Co. would cease to exist. Our Clan is the catalyst. They are the fire, our muses. We are driven to do better by their daily encouragement and support.

4). Pay It Forward. We have always believed that even at our lowest times we were still blessed because we've had love, family and shelter when so many have not. So we do what we can to give back. Over the years it has been in many different ways. The last 3+ years we have been giving back to an organization called Imagine Africa. As well as random situations when Spirit provides the opportunity. 

5.) Always be yourself. Never follow the crowd. We are a unique company with a unique brand. That is because we are unique people that haven't always "fit" with the "in" crowd. Most of the time we are swimming against the flow. We had our freak flag flying long before it was the cool thing to do. We will not compromise who we are or our company for the squeaky wheel demanding that we "conform". 
"Go Within, Trust Yourself, Follow Your Heart, Know You are Loved" - Unknown   


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